When your pet’s quality of life declines to the point that your family is ready to make an end of life decision, our veterinarians can answer any questions you may have. If you decide on euthanasia, the procedure provides the maximum comfort possible. Many owners find it easier to allow their pets to pass in the comfort of their own home, as pets can have difficulty traveling in the car and get anxious and stressed at veterinary hospitals.

At home, we can provide a much more private and relaxing environment for you and your pet. If this option is chosen, a sedative is administered to help your pet relax and make them more comfortable. This is followed by a solution that allows them to peacefully pass. In-home euthanasia is a comforting and peaceful way to say goodbye to your beloved furry family member.

We can arrange both private and communal cremations. Home burial is also an option but please be sure to check your local ordinances.

Appointment Pricing

EUTHANASIA                                                                   $265

This includes a discussion with the veterinarian, medication to ensure comfort, gentle euthanasia, and mementos if requested*.  Please inquire about options for cremation. 

*Optional paw print and/or fur clipping.

Please call the office to discuss your pet's condition and schedule an appointment.  While we are not an emergency service, we understand that a pet sometimes takes a turn for the worse, and every effort will be made to schedule them for the same day. Generally please allow 24-48 hours for availability.  Additional fees may apply after hours, weekends and holidays.